A Case Study on Environmental Problems of Old D.O.H.S (Defense Officers Housing Society).

Topics: Pollution, Community, Noise pollution Pages: 7 (1580 words) Published: March 28, 2012

A Case Study on Environmental Problems of OLD D.O.H.S (Defense Officers Housing Society).

Prepared By:

Students NameID

Sazzad Hossain Alvee1120019

Tajwar Rahman Khan1120177

Md. Tahmid Hossain1120403

Course Title: ENV 101


Faculty Name: Ms. Shahnoor Hasan

Designation: Lecturer at School of Environmental Science and Management

Table of Contents:


1. Garbage Disposal in the Neighborhood1

2. Neighborhood Markets & Shops3

3. Open space & plantation within the Neighborhood5

4. Mixed land-use in the neighborhood8

5. Noise Pollution9

6. Neighborhood Road Planning & Traffic Congestion 11

7. Natural Water Bodies 12


Old D.O.H.S is a very well planned and disciplined area, it has a very few problems. One of the major problems is the noise pollution made by construction sites and mostly trains.

The roads remain clean but garbage lying at a few places beside or on the roads is a problem for the pedestrians and also other people who uses the roads.

The security in this particular area is strict; for example, a driver cannot drive at a speed more then 20 km/h, incase he or she does, a guard nearby would stop the vehicle and ask to lower the speed.

The area contains a park, a community centre, a mini store, a mosque etc.

Overall Old D.O.H.S is a very peaceful, beautiful and a disciplined area.


We were required to analyze a residential area, and figure out its environmental problem’s.

Description of the Neighborhood

Old D.O.H.S. is a small residential area on opposite to Banani/Kakoli. It consists of 8 major roads and 8 minor roads. It has a park, a mosque, a community center, a shop etc. It is a residential area and therefore most of the houses are homes to people and some of the houses are offices.


We had to interview certain people of the area to note down important informations and we had to take pictures.


While working on this assignment, we had to visit Old D.O.H.S quite a few times. We roamed all around the neighborhood and took pictures of some important features of the area, we took note of important things and problems of the area, we interviewed residents and people working for Old D.O.H.S. and we also had to walk all around the neighborhood to draw a map of the particular area.

Every time we went there to work for the assignment, we had to face some questioning. While taking pictures of the roads and park and some other things we had no problem except some residents asking what were we doing. While taking pictures of the guard room, located near Gate-1, the guards asked why were we taking pictures. We gave them the reason, they talked to each other and said we could continue, one of them requested us to take a picture of him.

While working on the noise pollution point a special incident took place, when we were observing the under construction site was that we were not allowed to take any photos or make any sort of criticism involving the area that was under developed. We were treated as journalists and with hostility. However we managed to take some photos.

Other than these small problems we were fine doing the other works, interviews were appreciated and residents were supportive.

Garbage Disposal in the Neighborhood

The garbage disposal dustbin is located on the left side of the main gate, right on top of lane-4. The dustbin is a 200 sq/ft brick room where the garbage is disposed. The dustbin is cleaned six times a week, 3 days in the morning & 3 days in the evening. The problems resulting from the particular location of the dustbin is: There’s a very bad odor around the dustbin which is irritating for the...
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