A Case Study of Life Story Shivaji in Creating the Stable Future Within All Threats

Topics: Shivaji, Maratha Empire, Sambhaji Pages: 6 (1850 words) Published: May 7, 2013
A Case study of Life story Shivaji in creating the stable future within all threats (A lesson for new age manager)

Objective of the case:
In the midst of all the storms burning the flame of hope and aspiration of independent Maratha Kingdom seems to be absolutely impossible against the shrewd and powerful Mogul ruler like Aurangzeb and global Naval power of Britishers which is a unique lesson which present Indian industry which new age manager can learn to create a stable business empire within all the threats.

It is the case of courage, confidence and conviction to overpower the troops of thousands time more powerful with his military acumen, analytical skill, alertness, adherence to ethics, simple life till the end of his life. As many king become victim of ego, indulgence, the power and prosperity they gained during their lifetime but the king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was unique, exceptional who could able to maintain the level of humility, courage and his indomitable spirit to fail all the failure in his lifetime. Many small-scale industries in the present crisis can learn lesson how to keep their hope alive within all the tragedy and to retaliate against the crisis with new vigor and strength. Number of time Shivaji has faced tragedy and failure he has bounced back with fresh enthusiasm, courage and love for Vatan(the sacred land). His patriotism, love for Vatan, physical and psychological energy is unending, infinite and very difficult to overpower. His moral strength is more than the military strength which could able to sustain the campaign in midst of acute physically disadvantage position.

Irrespective of all the storms and tide he has exhibited unshakable faith in God, seniors, self, whole team and last but not the least the time; that has resulted indomitable empire which lasted for hundreds of years and also act as a inspiring figure for future India in fighting against the Britishers to gain Swaraj(Self ruling Kingdom). His tactics of turning a crisis, threats and tragedy to a opportunity and good luck for millions is unmatchable. His heroic activity has not only inspired and filled courage in the people present during his time but the generation after generation we had gathered inspiration for exemplary patriotism for Vatan. The man who could able to foresight the future and formulate such military and civil code such that the whole state remain firm and invincible from hundred of years till his death and even after his death.

Vision and mission

The man who gave destiny to the whole nation through his foresighted vision with relentless effort, determination, sacrifices the hero of the Vatan (the son of the soil) Vir Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The unique personality and also unique among all the world conquer that the legacy he has left for whole forthcoming generation, the whole nation the Bharat. The holistic development he has undertaken in the field of political system, a powerful military, naval, culture, people welfare, language are reflecting his multi-dimension personality. The disciplined life, respect for mother, for the Gurus and extraordinary firmness in character, respect for the women, religious shrine irrespective of religions made him one of the most respected king among the Hindu and among many Muslims. The freedom fighter of Vatan having no hatred ness for either Muslim religion or Muslim people but having a sincere desire to protect the Vatan the “Hindavi Swarajya” from foreign invasion. Above all he is the entrepreneur who could able to establish an invincible empire and sow the seed for creation of future India with only resource of courage, rest all the resources automatically follow to his dream and dedication. The mission was erupted like a small string with revolt against the Bijapur Sultanate to protect Maratha later against powerful king like Aurangzeb, British, Portugese etc. There are many things the future manager to handle crisis converting...
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