A Case Study of Johnson & Johnson

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  • Published : March 17, 2012
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Last week’s FBI case study demonstrated the failure of a misaligned IS Strategy Triangle. This case is an example of how proper alignment and careful planning can lead to great success for a business. When Johnson & Johnson decided to modify their business strategy and offer a single point of entry into J&J, they had the foresight to recognize the importance of their IT systems. Following the advice from Enterprise Architecture as Strategy, they “define[d] how they would do business (an operating model) and design[ed] the processes and infrastructure critical to their current and future operations.” In addition, they were able to gain acceptance for this unprecedented change by providing comprehensive training for their staff. The fact that training groups were able to recognize the benefits of standardization to the enterprise architecture was a clear indication that the “perceived usefulness” as outlined in TAM3 was gaining organizational traction. Although J&J retained the structure of its operating companies, it modified the funding strategy for IT investments. By doing so, they were able to take advantage of an organizational structure that was operating well and align information systems development to support that structure. Furthermore, the creation of sectors allowed J&J to increase cooperation among operating companies in areas of shared markets. J&J’s approach to modify their IT infrastructure in support of their new business strategy was efficient and effective. A gradual transition allowed the organization to culturally accept the changes and recognize the benefits they bring both to the company and the individual. Transitioning an organization to an enterprise architecture can introduce some growing pains as stove-piped organizational elements are required to operate under new processes. I have experienced this first hand in the Coast Guard. Following a large-scale reorganization and process overhaul, the CG moved in...
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