A Case of Racial Discrimination?

Topics: Telephone, Telephone exchange, Telephone call Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: April 19, 2013
1. What do you think of the way Chapman handled the accusations from Peters and his conversation with Anderson? How would you have handled them?

I think that Chapman was both right and wrong about what he did. He met in private with Anderson to discuss the matter and let her know that Peters was uncomfortable with her showing affection for Peters, that part was right. What was wrong is that in the conversation he included “We don’t think it’s right for people of different races to pursue each other romantically at this hospital.”, it would have saved him a lot of trouble if he had not said that. He should have been more careful with the words he used. Also, it was wrong that Chapman did not meet with Peters to talk about the situation; he just heard what Peters had to say through a phone call. I would have taken this situation more seriously. I would have talked individually and in private with Peters and Anderson, being very careful of what I say; and then I would have looked for a solution to the problem where everyone benefited.

2. Do you think Peters had the basis for a sexual harassment claim against Anderson? Why or why not?

I do think that Peters had the basis for a sexual harassment claim because he had proof to support it. He had Valentine’s Day cards, affectionate personal notes, and phone calls which included calls to his home. Anderson calling Peters to his home was just too personal.

3. What would you do now if you were Chapman to avoid further incidents of this type?

First I would inform myself about sexual harassment related laws and everything related to it, I would also think of specific ways to prevent these situations, and lastly I would have a meeting with everyone under my command so that they will know how to react to these situations and work together as a team to keep these types of incidents form happening.
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