A Case of Mbo

Topics: Management, Management by objectives, Strategic management Pages: 4 (1318 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Case summary

The Teamwork Ltd. was one of the well known management and business consultant firm in Bangladesh.It was a private limited company,it had been performing quite well.Their services comprehended pre-feasibility and feasibility study,management consultancy,business automation,financial analysis,portfolio management,business investigates,taxation so on. Their vision was to become the most succesful and leading international business consultancy firm.Their mission was to provide diverse services and coordination to the clients to improve and enlarge their capabilities,to fulfill the demand of customer,contribution to the community.The objective of the business were to keep market growth,expansion and wealth maximisation,to keep quality of the service and obtain long term sustainability.Hence it was service-based organization ,the employee is the central point of its strategy.As a part of the internal management strategy,top management organize quarterly survey system in order to get all types information including employee attitude,customers attitude,account.They put a suggestion box in front of the reception to take the idea from their employees,clients,visitors etc. In mid July 2002,Ishrat Parvin Rita,the Managing Director of Teamwork,she check out the the quartely survey report.In the survey report disclose under the point work in progrss,the goal of the organization was not clear enough to the employee especially to the mid and bottom level line executive.she was bit anxious this ,because without the clear understanding it was impossible to achieve the goal.For that reason,Parvin discussed the issue with her friend Nusrat Sharafi,an Associate Professor at a leading business school.She suggested to applied MBO(Management by Objective) philosophy in Teamwork organization.Then Rita asked her friend execution a few session on MBO for her manager,Sharafi was pleased to do so.All the unique feature of service organization keeping in mind ,she...
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