A Career of a Politician

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A career of a politician

A politician or political figure is someone who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making. This includes people who hold decision-making positions in government, and people who seek these positions, whether by means of election, inheritance, coup d'état, appointment, electoral fraud, conquest, divine right, or other means.

Requirements to Become a Politician

If a person wants to make a career as a politician, there are four important things that he or she must understand. The first thing is that there is really no set path to follow if one wants to become a politician. The second thing is that the path to being a politician is by no means a simple one to follow. The third thing is that one will not be able to pursue this path on his or her own as one needs a strong network of supporters. The fourth thing is that a person will need to be very patient as this path can take a toll on his or her mind and body. Being a politician requires a delicate balancing act of emotions and logic. One cannot run purely on emotions and cannot run purely on logic. While attending college is not necessarily a prerequisite for a life of politics, it does help. The cold reality is that, if one really wants to climb the political hierarchy, the choice of college does play a crucial role. Many career politicians attended school at Yale, Harvard, Rutgers, George Washington University, Georgetown, UCLA, and others. There are politicians that even studied at Oxford and Cambridge which are located in Great Britain. In the case of politics in Japan, one may have to try getting into Tokyo University which is also known as Todai. Even so, going to a prestigious elite school does not necessary guarantee a path towards being a politician. There is no education pathway to follow when one decides to become a politician. However, a person will definitely need some formal education, life experience, as well as professional networking to work in...
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