A Career in Explosive Ordnance Disposal: Personal View

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  • Published : August 14, 2008
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A Career in Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Michael M. Allbery

Colorado Technical University Online

A Career in Explosive Ordnance Disposal
There has never been a more exciting time to be an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician than now. With the war in Iraq and the Terror Alert Levels high, EOD personnel are constantly being called upon to respond to threats around the nation and around the world. Where ever there is a high population of American citizens, EOD is present to answer any call, whether it be at the Olympics, The World Cup, or the Daytona 500. EOD personnel also work very closely with the Secret Service and are on call at the White House, 24/7. EOD is a great field for anyone interested in using explosives to blow hazardous ordnance in place or render it safe using a variety of sophisticated tools and weaponry.

The EOD Career Program is a volunteer program created to train soldiers in locating, identifying, and rendering safe any kind of explosive, whether it be nuclear, biological, chemical, or conventional. “EOD Soldiers provide force protection, against any type of explosive device, to US forces, operations and installations in CONUS and around the world, during peacetime, wartime, and during other contingencies. They make safety assessments, identify courses of action, and select procedures to defuse explosive devices built by criminals, saboteurs or terrorists” (EOD FAQ, para 3). Other EOD duties include: •Supporting VIP missions for the U.S. Secret Service, State Department and other federal agencies •Researching and identifying ordnance using explosive ordnance disposal technical publications •Detecting the presence of and identifying chemical agents •Preparing and maintaining explosive ordnance disposal tools, equipment and vehicles •Assisting in the operation of Emergency Contamination Control Stations and Emergency Personnel Decontamination Stations •Assisting in locating and...
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