A Career as an American Solider

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  • Published : April 20, 2008
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In the early years of our lives deciding weather to be a fire fighter or police officer was a fairly simple decision. As we grow older, our former simple decision becomes more difficult as we learn about all the interesting career fields. Some of the many factors that influence our decision are stability, salary, and benefits. Today’s Soldiers enjoy many of these ever growing factors. A career as an American Solider is better than a career in the civilian job market because of the education, health, and training benefits. The opportunities for a Soldier to continue their military or civilian education is only limited by their desire to learn. All branches of the United States military have tuition assistance, which provides financial assistance for education programs. Tuition assistance will cover up to $4500 a year, and Soldiers are not required to pay tuition assistance back unless a course is failed. The Montgomery GI Bill is the centerpiece of military education benefits. Active duty Soldiers and veterans can receive a monthly benefit that is valued at more than $37,000. This tax free benefit can be used for tuition, books, fees, and living expenses while obtaining an undergraduate or graduate degree. In addition to helping fund studies at traditional colleges, the GI Bill can be used to pay for independent study programs, licensing, certification, and apprenticeship. Only a select few careers in the civilian job market offer these kinds of education benefits. If pursuing your education is not a factor for your career path, the military also offers substantial health and dental benefits that most civilian careers lack. Some civilian careers offer health benefits for a discounted rate, but these are hard to come by and often involve climbing the corporate ladder. As an American service member comprehensive dental and health benefits are received the day they leave for Basic Training. Aside from the Soldier receiving these benefits, the military...
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