A Camping Trip Gone Wrong

Topics: Camping, Tent, Campsite Pages: 2 (864 words) Published: December 19, 2012
You would think that camping is fun and adventurous. Well, that is what I thought until I actually experienced it. My father told me we would be staying in a large tent overlooking the ocean. I envisioned being inside the tent with all this space and then looking out at the big blue ocean calmly flowing, as the sunset turns into bright bursting colors of yellow and orange. Little did I know about all the bugs that would end up biting every inch of our bodies, picking at our skin like little blood sucking creatures. My dad never mentioned them either. There’s a lot he didn’t mention. It was definitely not the fun-filled experience I anticipated.

It was my first camping trip with my dad, his family, and my sister. We began our trip to the Florida Keys talking about all the exciting things we were planning on doing during our three-day stay. Our plan was to arrive early, set up our tent and get settled. We would then familiarize ourselves with the area and afterwards go fishing. How fun! I couldn’t wait! It all started to go wrong when we arrived at midnight, thanks to the all the traffic which was bumper to bumper, throwing our plans off completely. We were all so tired ― could not keep our heavy eyelids open ― that we just wanted to inflate our air mattresses, get comfortable, and go to sleep. We couldn’t because we all had to help get the tent opened and secured into the ground, which sounds easy but was a nightmare. The pegs would not stay in place, so the tent kept falling. On top of all that, the poles kept sticking out. It seemed like pieces were missing. We had to take down the tent and start all over again. About an hour and a half later we finally got the tent to stay. Not only was I exhausted, but by that point I felt like I was going to explode because I still hadn’t had a chance to use the bathroom. The bathroom seemed as if it was miles away. The more I walked, the further it seemed, but eventually I reached it. I then headed back to...
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