A Business Research Project Report

Topics: Wikipedia, Reliability of Wikipedia, German Wikipedia Pages: 38 (8944 words) Published: March 13, 2011

Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad

A Business Research Project Report


“Students’ preference for using Wikipedia”

Submitted to – Dr. Jayshree Ravindaran

Submitted by-

Abhinav Yadav PGDM- A 0911pgdm003


At the outset, it is my duty to acknowledge with gratitude the generous help provided by my batch mates for filling up the questionnaires. They have been a source of encouragement for me throughout the project.

My special thanks to my Business Research Teacher “Dr. Jayshree Ravindaran” for her invaluable insight and continuous support.

I would like to thank our librarians for letting me borrow some books, for the computer lab in charge for letting me use computers. I would like to thank my parents for their financial and never ending support, for the help in my study and for its success. I would also like to thank my friends and family members for their love, support and encouragement. And it would not be successful without God who guides me in my everyday life and activities.


Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Page No.

Introduction -------------------------5-12

Objective of the Research------------------------- 13

Need for the Study ------------------------- 13

Significance of the study ------------------------- 13


Literature Review------------------------- 14-18


Conceptual Model------------------------- 19

Dependent variable------------------------- 20

Independent variable ------------------------- 21-22

Test Unit/Unit of Analysis ------------------------- 22

Hypothesis ------------------------- 22-27


Research Methodology------------------------- 27

Research design/Framework ------------------------- 27

Identification of variable------------------------- 27

Measurement of variable ------------------------- 28

Sample Design & Selection ------------------------ 28

Instrumentation ------------------------- 29

Data Collection------------------------- 29


Data Analysis ------------------------- 29

Reliability Analysis ------------------------- 29-32

Correlation Analysis ------------------------- 32-34

Multiple Regression Analysis ------------------------- 34-36

ANOVA -------------------------- 36

HISTOGRAMS --------------------------- 37-42

Interested findings...
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