A Business Plan( Restaurant)

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The restaurant is a speciality fish lover’s paradise keeping in mind about the people obsessed about various fish oriented dishes in Kolkata. This is the first time any restaurant is taking an initiative to open a restaurant, which will only deal with different items of fish for this fish-loving city. There will be many other side dishes, which will enhance the flavour of the cuisine. The restaurant will cater to 30 covers, which have a market of corporate, family, and college clientele. The restaurant will be open for lunch from 12pm to 3pm in the noon for lunch and 6pm to 11pm for exclusive dinner. The menus are set at such a price that everyone can be able to afford it. The restaurant will be owned by 2 partners, where the investment in the business is 2616000of which 2223600 is from loan and 392400 is given by both the partners. The decor will be a typically Bengali cum western setup with live band performance in the dinner. The restaurant will have a sit down service with the comfort of the fine dining restaurant. The number of employees employed will depend upon from time to time but for an approx 11 people is required for daily operations , where 4 will be in the kitchen 4 will be in the restaurant service, 1 will be for kitchen potter ,and 2 for security purpose. Due to smooth functioning of the restaurant there will be staff satisfaction and that will lead to guest satisfaction as the staff will be getting paid well and the guest will be satisfied with the service. For this restaurant, customer satisfaction is everything and so the management will be ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of customer delight. When the customer will have delight they will feel a total value for money. The supplies of raw materials are given into contracts with consideration of the quality for better service and satisfaction. The restaurant will try to create a strong positioning among the consumers like when people feel like having coffee the café Starbucks come to their mind, so the restaurant have to create a statement in peoples mind “let’s have seafood today, Fish Grill City”. This will only be achieved by spending money on mass media and instead focus on core product line and flawless execution. (http://www.quantifiedmarketing.com/learning_center/restaurant-promotions.php )

Some of the Objective that is kept in mind by FISH CITY GRILL is in

Year 1

➢ Best quality fish items at a standard quantity and at a reasonable price.

➢ Maximum use of resources to attain maximum profits as soon as possible.

➢ Customer delight and satisfaction with utmost service provided by the restaurant.

➢ Spend a good amount of money in Advertisement and promotions to increase the sales of the restaurant by making people aware of the restaurant.

Year 2

➢ Create an image among the customers to increase word of mouth than increasing the expense on advertisement and promotion.

➢ Increase in sales for up to 10 % in total sales compared to last year’s figures.

➢ More emphasis on customer satisfaction and giving more personalised service and try to bring in customization in preparation of the food items.

Year 3

➢ Service enhancement on customer feedback and retaining the old customers by maintaining the same standard of food and service.

➢ Staff retention and satisfaction by awarding them with various rewards for their extra effort to prove the success of the restaurant.

➢ Planning for future outlets within the cities of Kolkata to reach every people around the corner of the city.. Obtaining the license for liquor and opening bar in the restaurant.


The concept of restaurant specialising on fish is a new approach to the city as no other restaurant has ever dared to take up the concept of only specialising on fish items with other side dishes in this fish-loving city. The quality of the food will be maintained throughout, there will be a...
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