A Business Plan on Unique Furniture in Bd

Topics: Marketing, Middle class, Strategic management Pages: 24 (4473 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Yes, We are Unique

Prepared by:



Mr. Md. Bodiruzzaman
Guest Lecturer
Department of Business Administration
Dhaka City College, Dhaka


Group Name: Desperate
Batch : XI , Section : A
Dhaka City College, Dhaka.


November 29 2012
Group Information

Group Name: Desperate

List of Group Members:

SerialNo.| Full Name| ID|
01| Abu-Bakar-Siddique| 13|
02| Md. Shohel Perves| 15|
03| Md. Nasim Miah| 35|
04| Md. Rakibul Alam| 57|

Letter of Transmittal

Mr. Md. Bodiruzzaman
Department of Business Administration
Dhaka City College, Dhaka

Subject: To submit the "A Comprehensive Business Plan on Paper made furniture"

We respectfully state that you have assigned us to write the "A Comprehensive Business Plan on Paper made furniture". To prepare this report we have given our best effort.

However, as we are student and still in learning process there may have some lacking, limitations and errors in this report.

We are very much grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to find out and gain knowledge on this aspect of "Paper made Furniture" in Bangladesh. Preparing this assignment is an experience for us which helps us in our practical life. We would like to thank you for providing us with such opportunity.

Sincerely yours,

(Md. Shohel Perves)
On behalf of
Group: "Desperate"

Student declaration

We are declaring that the report on the topic of “A Comprehensive Business Plan on Paper made furniture" has only been prepared for the partial fulfillment of the course requirement of Entrepreneural Development.

Executive Summary

Unique Furniture is the biggest private furniture produce centre in Bangladesh. Unique Furniture understands people’s need best and will create and deliver appropriate product services to improve people’s life and make it easier. The ingredients of the Unique Furniture are basically paper and barley. We are not only the producer of furniture but also the provider of better service to the furniture. Unique furniture is doing its best to fulfill the wishes of people. Unique furniture has 5 promoters who will promote this business. These owners are highly qualified and experienced. Unique furniture is completely a private company and promoters are solvent enough. But this solvency is not enough for our business. So our 60% capital is external and 40% capital is internal. Unique furniture follows strict rules always. We are liable to provide quality products. To make a marketing plan first of all unique furniture had to look on the current market situation, products, competitors etc. Moreover unique furniture has allocated enough money for advertising and public relation. Financial Plan is one of the main portions of our business. These are mainly technical terms of sales, means of financing, profitability projection etc. The initial cost of project is maximum as per the total cost of project concern which is Tk. 403,55,00,000. In the term of estimates of sales, its accessories price is like present selling price. We have also some labor and rent costs. Unique furniture target of profit mark – up is 30%. Unique furniture will make profit Tk. 111,04,12,919 after 5 years. We hope after this time our company will be the best private furniture producing company in Bangladesh.

In our country there are many kinds of furniture available in the market. But all are not good quality. On the other hand some are very good quality in the market, but there price is high. So we launched new unique furniture which is made by paper. This is high quality and also reasonable price. We are sure if unique furniture comes in the market people will willingly take it and they will be benefited. Acknowledgement

First of all we would like...
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