A Brush with Aids

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  • Published : June 20, 2008
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A violent epidemic rapidly spreading across the world, the AIDS virus has forced doctors and healthcare professionals alike to take extensive measures when handling anything possibly contaminated. Furthermore, the Halsey Health Products line of sharps disposal containers are a necessity for hospitals across the country making up an annual market demand of 109 million containers sold. Dealing with such a potentially dangerous threat of infection the strength and reliability of sharps containers must surpass any federal standards and should be able to withstand all conditions. In addition, the integrity of this product is a key factor for the Halsey Corporation as it comprises a significant share of the targeted $900 million in sales. The main character of the case, a senior market manager, is confronted with a strong ethical dilemma between the safety and reliability of the sharps disposal containers and the corporate obligations she has with her employer The Halsey Health Products company.

Several other important factors compound the situation of the case each having separate consequences for the main character and Halsey Health Products. As the largest supplier of healthcare products across the country, Halsey Health Products focuses strictly on gross-profit-dollar-oriented company goals. As a result the main character expresses a strong corporate mentality, constantly rationalizing her options with possible consequences of missing profit goals. As a market manager she realizes there are various things at stake for her and her employer. Clearly, Halsey Health Products’ primary responsibility is providing safe products to the healthcare industry. Faulty products jeopardize the safety of both healthcare workers and patients. The main character focuses on her goals and those of her manager Phil who’s relies on her for up to 22% of his annual revenues. Both employees have bonuses that are at risk if a poor decision is made. Furthermore, disregarding...
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