A Brilliant Solution

Topics: United States Constitution, George Washington, Connecticut Compromise Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: March 31, 2008
My Dearest Elizabeth,
I am sorry I did not write you the day I got here like I said I would, but we dove right into the topics at hand. We first off had to discuss whom we were going to elect to be the head of the convention, and we came up with George Washington because of his wonderful leadership skills and great public speaking. We are going to establish some guidelines for the convention that for anything to be passed there must be a majority vote which I feel is going to lead to a problem down the road, first off because Rhode Island didn’t even show up, and I feel that not all of the delegates will stay through the entire convention. The delegates of Virginia are meeting together to discuss a new form of the government, so this should be very exciting to throw our ideas at a group of such intelligent and respected men.

With love,
Edmund Randolph
My Dearest Elizabeth,
We have started to discuss “our” idea for the government and I feel that it is an amazing idea. We are still working on it but it goes as follows: There will be a bicameral legislature which I see as the best way of looking at forming a new government, because it doesn’t allow one side of the government to get too powerful because it always has the other one to keep it in check. The way that it works is that the people elect the lower house, and then the lower house then elects next house.

All of this would make the legislature very powerful and we set up some restrictions so that it cannot get any larger and out of control. We also put in a judiciary branch that has the power to veto the actions of the legislature. Well we are going to present this idea tomorrow and I will let you know how it all goes.

With love,
Edmund Randolph
My Dearest Elizabeth,
We presented our idea last month and after we had presented ours the New Jersey delegate William Paterson asked for some time off to finish his plan so we had been eagerly waiting his idea. His...
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