A Brief Synopsis of the Book Ogata

Topics: Mother, Father, Parent Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: May 11, 2011
This intense story about the Ogata family in Molokai explains about their conflicts they deal with as the story goes on. This story about this family is so heart-wrenching and comic like that it makes you think about how young kids grow up to be perfectionists. In this story of Blu's Hanging, life goes on for three kids and a father they call "Poppy" when their young, sweet, loving mother suffers from a sick unknown condition which causes death and leaves the three young Ogata kid's alone in the dark and left the oldest child at thirteen named Ivah to take charge and care for her younger siblings due to the withdrawal of their father and his dishwashing job working graveyard shifts at night which leaves the kids alone by themselves. Ivah remembers back when her mother use to be alive and how her mother would be such a caring and the greatest mother a family could ever have. During when Ivah was growing up or before she died, her mom told her of which things to do and things not to do. The moral of the story that they say is "sleep together one and all. The cats are hanging outside." ......

My character is dynamic because she grew a lot through the passage of the story. She went from never having to lift a finger at home to doing two parent work after her father decided to bail and her mother died. Her motivation was to always make her mother happy, and keep her family strong. Ivah always said that a family of many is a family not deserving unity she believed a family should be joint as one body no matter who or where your branched off to.

Ivah’s goals were to always make he mother proud and keep her family together strong and proud no matter what she had to go thru to do it. She always had to miss out on special activities and assignments due to the lack of parental guidance. When the kids had something special she would unwillingly contact her dad but when the task was finished he would bail again. Some indirect traits were Ivah never stated that she...
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