A Brief Summary of John Keat's Endymion

Topics: Percy Bysshe Shelley, Romanticism, John Keats Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: May 13, 2013
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According to the poet, John Keats, a thing of beauty is a source of constant joy. Its beauty goes on increasing.It will never fade and pass into nothingness. A bower is a peaceful and pleasant place in the shade of a tree. It provides shelter or protection from the hot rays of the sun. A beautiful thing also gives us sound sleep, full of pleasant dreams, health and peaceful breathing. Beauty, hence does not lead to inertia but a constant battle to guard our nature/earth.

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As a result of this every morning we are weaving a flowery wreath to bind us to the beauties of the earth despite the sadness and the feeling of depression. We all possess evil qualities of hatred and disappointed. We suffer from lack of noble qualities and unhealthy evil ways. In spite of all this a beautiful thing helps to remove the cover of gloom or darkness from our lives. It makes us love life despite the things that make us sad and dampen our spirits.

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The sun, the moon, trees old and young are all sources of happiness for us. The trees sprout and spread their branches to provide shelter within their green covering for the simple sheep. The daffodils bloom within the green surroundings in which they grow. The clear and small streams of water make a cooling shelter for themselves against the hot season. The thick mass of ferns looks grand with their beautiful musk

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The mighty dead people whose achievements made them great and powerful inspire us through their sagas of their noble works. Their legends and stories enthuse us and we imagine their magnificence. A beautiful thing is also a source of joy just as the lovely tales we have heard or read give us profound happiness. A fountain of immortality pours its sacred and immortal drink into the heart and soul of man. This immortal drink gushing out from nature’s endless fountain is a source of immense joy for us

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