A Brief Study of Hinduism in City of Joy

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  • Published : January 15, 2011
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Dey 1
Debangshu Dey

October 26th 2010
A Brief Study of Hinduism in City of Joy
Hinduism is a way of life. There is not any strict code of beliefs which confirms one as a practicing Hindu. Hinduism in reality and in City of Joy is backdrop in people’s lives. The movie, “City of Joy”, teaches us nothing about traditional Hinduism. It is merely a feel good, “Hollywood” piece of fluff but it elaborates about various undertones such as the cycle of Samsara, inexistence of traditional aspects and survival of rituals which are not a part of mainstream Hinduism. City of Joy does not highlight any traditional aspects of Hinduism. It enlightens us about certain chores which should ensure Moksha as “Karma is central to Hindu faith” (Gobbi 2010). Hindus believe everything is Brahman. Hazare Pal believes the all life giving force is taking his test as he explains “If the journey is not what you expect, do not be surprised.” (City of Joy) .Ones Atman should go through all the hardships provided by Brahman. People that perform good karma will be better rewarded in the process of Samsara. Hindus believe the life going force Brahman challenges them to get rid of disillusionment in life to get rid of Maya. According to Hazare, God tests character, courage and obedience at difficult times. Hazare migrated from his native village to the city of Calcutta to ensure the survival of his family. He did not lose courage when his livelihood was endangered. He donated his time to the formation of the clinic. He projects a message one shouldn’t lose hope in desperate times. On the other hand, Ashok, the corrupt son was an atrocious figure in society. He snatched a large chunk of all the Rickshaw wala’s Dey 2

income. In Hinduism, one is believed to achieve good only with the blessings of others. Following this interpretation, Ashok received hatred from all the Rickshaw walas. The evil outweighed the good and thus he was killed at the end. The movie highlights how the...
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