A Brief Story of Yitzhak Rabin

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1. Introduction
On the evening of November 4, 1995, it was the time to celebrate the joyfully weekend. But for the peace-loving people, particularly for the peace-loving people in Israel and Arab, it was actually a black weekend. It was precisely that evening, one of the creators of Palestinian-Israeli peace, who was known as peaceful warrior, Yitzhak Rabin, Premier of Israeli, was murdered by an assassin. The world had shocked, his imposing and heartrending life, became the focal point of the people immediately. All the peace-lovers were sorrowful for his death. They burst into tears for him, prayed for him, wished his soul to be serene in heaven. A peace dove had been gunned down; a peace warrior was falling down with several barbaric, evil gunshots. But Rabin, as the creator of the Middle East Peace, has not dropped down in the people’s heart. His legendary life is still moving the people deeply. In 1948, Israel was born. For his motherland, from the youth, Rabin devoted himself to protect the security of the country and promote the Middle East peace process. He was the serviceman who had prominent performance and he was the statesman in each important development phase of Israel. He was an earthshaking star in the Middle East political stage for a long time. He was a national leader who presented repeatedly in international medias. In this paper, I will give you a brief summary of Yitzhak Rabin’s career. Then I will analyze his leadership traits and leadership behaviors. After that I will discusses the situation that Yitzhak Rabin applied to the hospitality industry. 2. A brief summary of Yitzhak Rabin’s career

2.1 Childhood
In March 1st, 1922, Yitzhak Rabin was born in Jerusalem. His father and mother immigrated to Palestine in 1917 and 1919 respectively, as part of the Third immigrant wave. His father, Nehemiah, worked in the Electric Company who was an active unionist. His mother, Rosa, was in the Haganah which was a Jewish self-defense organization. She was also in the labor movement and as a member of the Tel Aviv Municipal Council. Rabin’s family relocated to Tel Aviv when he was one year old. He grew up there. During 1928 to 1935, Rabin attended the School which was for workers’ Children in Tel Aviv. In 1935 to 1937, he went to intermediary regional school at Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha. After this, during 1937 to 1940 Rabin attended the Kadoorie Agricultural High School, located in the Lower Galilee at the foot of Mt. Tabor. While at Kadoorie, Rabin joined the Haganah. After graduating high school in 1940 he joined the No’ar Ha’oved (Working Youth) training program at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan which located in north of Haifa. (Liu Xiaoping, 2004) 2.2 Service in Haganah and Palmach

In 1941 Rabin joined the Palmach which founded that year. He was one of the first recruits in it. He was serving under Moshe Dayan who was a famous general in Israel. They joined with British forces in invading Syria and Lebanon to block a German foothold in the region. In June 1941, Rabin’s unit infiltrated into Lebanon and cut the electricity system between Tyre and Sidon. After a while, he became a commander in the Palmach. And in 1945, he was appointed deputy commander of Palmach’s First Battalion. On October 10, 1945, Rabin’s Battalion broke into the British detention camp at Atlit, in an attempt to free 200 “illegal” immigrants held there. On June 29, 1946, which day that also known as Black Saturday, he was arrested by the British and sent to a detention camp in Rafiah, where he was held for five months. After he was free, Rabin became the commander of the Palmach’s Second Battalion, assigned to secure the water line supplying the Negev. (Linda Benedikt, 2005) 2.3 War of Independence

In October 1947, Rabin became the Palmach’s chief operations officer. At this position, he was responsible for supply convoys to Jerusalem, which was under siege and cut off from the center of the country. In April 1948, Rabin worked as commander of...
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