A Brief Look Into Lloyd James Boney’s Pathway to Custody

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Death, Epilepsy Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: October 2, 2012
“A brief look into Lloyd James Boney’s pathway to custody.”

By the time Lloyd James Boney died at Brewarrina in 1987, the indigenous population of Australia had seen more than enough. His death was to be the last before The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody was formed. (Study Guide 3016 CCJ 2008, p.33) This essay will revisit one of the 99 Indigenous deaths that RCIADIC has reported on. Additionally, this essay will also present five (5) major factors that will help explain Boney’s pathway to crime and conflict with the law.

Lloyd Boney lived in three different towns in his life, being born in Walgett, growing up in Goodooga and spending his adult years until his death, in Brewarrina. (RCIADIC Boney) After his parents separated, and his father found caring for two small children too difficult, Lloyd and his sister Veronica went to live with his aunt Priscilla and her husband Arthur. This family group lived in both Goodooga and Brewarrina and consisted not only of Lloyd, Veronica, Priscilla and Arthur, but twelve (12) of Priscilla and Arthur’s children, as well as two children of Priscilla’s from a previous relationship. (RCIADIC Boney) This introduces the first of five factors that will be discussed further in the essay, family situation.

Boney only attended eight (8) years of schooling and left at the age of fifteen (15). The school system did not favour Boney as after eight years, he still did not read or write well. After school, Boney obtained seasonal work as a labourer. (RCIADIC Boney) It wasn’t until the age of 20, that a serious medical problem was discovered. In 1979, Boney was admitted to hospital suffering the effects of what was later to be diagnosed as Epilepsy. From then until his death, Boney was on the medication Dilantin. Hospital visits became a regular occurrence due to Boney’s severe epileptic fits due to excessive consumption of alcohol. (RCIADIC Boney) This introduces another of the five factors...
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