A Brief Introduction of Abot Kamay Inc.

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  • Published : February 7, 2008
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Poverty had occurred almost all over the world. It's a situation that many of the Filipinos today are experiencing. No shelter, not enough food, malnutrition and lack of education: these are the problems that they face everyday. As this situation occurs, some people are sharing their blessings from God. One of the organizations that is giving out their best to help the poor is the ‘Abot Kamay' Incorporated. It is the Philippine branch of Children International Organization whose mission is to help children living in dire poverty. How did this organization started anyway?

Children International was founded in the year of 1936, back then it was known as the Holy Land Christian Mission. The said organization provides outreach to widows and orphans in the place. Through time, they've noticed that the situation is getting harder to solve. In that case, Children International extended their arms even to other poor countries. When the year 1980 came, they started to launch their efforts in India, Guatemala and the Philippines. They have come up with programs that will build deeper and lasting connection between one needed child and one compassionate sponsor. Later that year, more than 2300 children were benefiting from the sponsorship.

Then, they added the countries Chile, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Columbia and Ecuador… from 2300 it grew to 134,000 poor children sponsored. When they added Mexico and Zambia… There were 300,000 children benefiting from the program and counting…

Here in the Philippines, ‘Abot kamay' was launched din October 17, 1990 by a group of incorporators who wanted to uplift the poorest children's moral. It services reaching 20,000 children including their families. Through the programs A. Health and Nutrition, B. Education, C. Value formation and D. Family Assistance, they believe that through these programs the organization can produce active, responsible and productive adults.
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