A Brief History of the Malacca

Topics: Zheng He, Ming Dynasty, Malacca Pages: 3 (702 words) Published: February 29, 2012
Ancient Kingdoms before Malacca
1. Majapahit
3.Kedah Tua

History Of Malacca
-Was founded by Parameswara in 1400
-Prince from Palembang, Sumatera
-The name of Malacca :
~sejarah melayu - melaka tree
~arab source - malakat(market)/mulaqah
~hindu source - the tree of amalaka
-Period : 1400-1511
Present-day Melaka reflects its tumultuous history - a multi-racial population of Malays, Indians, and Chinese call this historic city home. Most notably, Peranakan and Portuguese communities still thrive in Melaka, a reminder of the state's long experience with trading and colonization.

Melaka's founder, the ex-pirate Prince Parameswara, was said to be a descendant of Alexander the Great, but it's more likely that he was a Hindu political refugee from Sumatra.

According to legend, the Prince was resting one day under an Indian gooseberry tree (also known as a melaka). As he watched one of his hunting dogs trying to bring down a mouse deer, it occurred to him that the deer shared a similar plight to his own: alone, exiled in a foreign land and surrounded by enemies. The mouse deer then achieved the improbable and fought off the dog.

Parameswara decided that the place where he was sitting was a propitious one for the disadvantaged to triumph, so decided to build a house on the spot.

Malacca did indeed turn out to be a favorable place to found a town, due to its sheltered harbor, its abundant water supply and its prime location relative to the regional trade and monsoon wind patterns.

Melaka and the Chinese

In 1405 an ambassador of the Chinese Ming Empire, the eunuch admiral Cheng Ho (or Zheng He), sailed into harbour with a huge armada of giant trading ships. Ho started a mutually beneficial trade partnership, which eventually culminated in Malacca agreeing to become a client kingdom of the Chinese in exchange for protection against the Siamese.

After its adoption of Islam in the 15th...
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