A Brief History of High School Muar

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A Brief History of High School Muar

1902 – Founding of the School
The school began as a Government English School and it was first housed in an atap shed known as ‘Balai Kuning’ which was actually used by the Sultan as a reception hall whenever he visited Muar. It was located at the site of the present High Court Building. The school was founded in 1902. It was under the charge of one Mr. C.P. Frois, a Eurasian gentleman from Malacca. He was the first headmaster cum teacher of the school and the enrolment of the school then was about 40 pupils. The school functioned at this site for about one year and then shifted to a site somewhere near the present town mosque. The enrolment increased to about 80 and there were two teachers by now, each handling 40 pupils. The school buildings belonged to a Malay school with the Government English School using it in the afternoon. 1903-School Moved To A New Site

In about 1903 or thereabout the school shifted to a wooden building which was somewhere in Jalan Abdullah, located approximately where the present Manaf Book Store is. After about a year the school shifted to where the present Pagoh-Panchor Bus Station is. Here too the Government English School shared the Malay School building. We are told that the building was a wooden structure built from the old horse stables brought over from Johor Bahru. A new headmaster, Mr. Paglar, took over the headship. 1907-Another Movement

Sometime in 1907, the school shifted to a new site somewhere near the present Shell service station at Jalan Sulaiman. It occupied 4 wooden houses which were turned into a school. In 1910, it moved temporarily to a site at the Tanjung. 1915 – New School Building

The present High School building, consisting of the hall and the classrooms immediately around the hall, was ready in 1914 but the school did not shift into the new building until 1915. For one year the school building was occupied by the Post Office because the Post Office building was not ready. In 1915 when the school shifted into its own building for the first time it had a new headmaster by the name of Mr. Hugh Mortimer. He was one of four English educationists who were brought into Johor by the state government. Even by this time the teachers had to go out into the kampongs to persuade the Malay parents to send their children to English school. There was a prejudice against the learning of the English Language. 1922. Mr. Huge Crombies, Headmaster.

There used to be no age limit and in many cases pupils used to be older than the teachers. The school progressed well and Mr. Moore was succeeded by Mr. Hugh Crombies in 1922. Then came on Mr. F.L. Shaw who was headmaster for a very short period and he was succeeded by Mr. David Roper who was headmaster from 1922-1929 1928. Extension to School Building

In 1928 the existing school building became too small to take in all those who wanted English education and the two new wings consisting of 8 classrooms were put up. Our school song was composed by Miss Belly Milne, the Head of the English Prepatory school. 1929. Mr. J. R. Taylor. Headmaster.

In 1929 came the most well-known and most devoted of the Government English School headmasters – Mr. Taylor. He was a retired headmaster and his experience enabled him to do a lot for the school. He remained as the headmaster until the Second World War disrupted everything in this part of the world. During the Japanese occupation period and until Japan surrendered, the school was under the charge of Mr. C. D. Westwood. Many headmasters have come and gone since the war and some of them were: 1. Mr. C. D. Westwood.

2. Mr. G. Woods.
3. Lt. Col. C. A. Scott (known locally as “Captain Scoot”) 4. Mr. W. Gibson.
5. Mr. Clarke.
6. Mr. A. Williamson.
7. Mr.G. P. Daniel
8. Mr. E. A. Balshaw.
From the time Lt. Col. Scott left the school there have been many short periods in between when some of the senior teachers...
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