A Brief Description of World War II

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World War II FRQ
World War II was a period of great change for the United States in terms of race, economics, and the demographic of American life. World War II pulled America out the Great Depression and revitalized the nation. Jobs were being created by the thousands and pulling people into big cities. The cities demographics were changing with the influx of immigrants and minorities looking for work. However, with the new increase in economic prosperity brought by America’s helping supply the world with war goods, World War II also showed America’s still heavy racial tensions.

World War II brought America out the Great Depression of the 30s and reenergized the economy. Jobs were created as America’s factories were producing goods for the war effort. Places such as Mobile, Alabama grew exponentially across the United States, beyond anyone’s expectations. The war was creating thousands of jobs in these cities where all the factories were and that in turn attracted people from all over to these cities in search of work. People were able to get well-paying jobs in these factories and the quality of life for many increased. However, as the war dragged on, there was a decrease in goods and the government began demanding that people begin rationing. This created a sort of black market for goods. In fact, one in every nine transactions during the war was illegal.

The increase of jobs in these cities also helped change the demographic of America. Waterbury, Connecticut’s work force was mainly comprised of Italian immigrants during World War II. Japanese people were a large part of Sacramento’s overall population. Mobile, Alabama attracted many people, many families from hundreds of towns from around the state. With this huge influx of workers, Mobile’s schools became over flooded, making it one of the worst school systems in the nation.

World War II was somewhat of a double-edged sword at the home front in the United States. Even though it helped pull America...
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