A Brief Account of Michael's Life

Topics: Father, Mother, Perspiration Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Vaulting was the most magnificent event of any track and field competition. The stands were filled with spectators waiting for the game. The player Michael Stone was very nervous. His palms were sweating and he needed a towel to dry the grip. Even though he had drunk a glass of cool water, he couldn't calm himself. The competition was as hot as the day. At first, Michael was a young boy. His mother often read stories to him. It was her excitement and passion for details of the stories that made Michael's dreams full of color and beauty. During the competition, Michael thought of his mother more than once. It was her encouragement that calmed him down to face the competition bravely. While Michael's mother and father were quite different in personality. His mother was a dreamer, kind and considerate with a keen eye for details and free spirit. His dad, on the contrary, was a down-to-earth realist. He believed in hard work and sweat. His motto is "If you want something, work for it! " He was a strict trainer and coach as well. It was under his training and guidance that Michael laid a solid foundation for his success. Finally, Michael faced the most challenging competition in his pole-vaulting career. Although Michael's childhood was marked with dreams and tough training, he topped his personal best, won the championship and set a new world record eventually. What was most unusual about Michael's victory was that he was blind.
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