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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove : James Moleney

Carl Matt - Carl is 15 years of age and is described as a low self-esteemed and obese child. He is the second eldest of the three Matt siblings (Sarah, Carl and Harley). Carl's mother, Kerry, abandons him and his two other siblings, this makes him feel neglected and at the same time worried for his mother's well being as she is nowhere to be found. Throughout the story, Carl struggles through many obstacles, however with the help of his new friends soon to meet, he is able to grow and become more confident about himself and towards others. Kerry Matt -Kerry Matt is the mother of the main protagonist, Carl. She is also the mother of Sarah, (Carl's older Sister) and Harley, (Carl's younger Brother). Throughout the novel, It is said that Kerry usually leaves her kids behind for more than a day. But when she left again she never came back. Harley Matt - Carl's younger brother. He is constantly getting into trouble. He gets into fights, steals and gets caught doing graffiti. Skip Duncan - Owner of the barge Carl works on and wife to Joy. Skip initially is reluctant to hire Carl as he is a Matt, but begins to trust and eventually rely on him. Skip is bossy and stubborn, and earns little income from his business of ferrying cars across the cove.[1] Joy Duncan - Skip Duncans wife she is a Kind, Loving motherly figure.

Carl Matt is an awkward, lumpy fifteen year-old who just wants to be loved. Sarah, Carl and Harley’s fathers all walked out on the family and their mother, Kerry often finds them too hard to cope with. When his mother walks out on the family, apparently for good, nineteen year-old Sarah, terrified of the responsibility of raising the two boys, heads toEurope, packing the boys off to stay with their Aunt Beryl in Wattle Beach. Beryl is less than delighted at the idea of taking in the boys, until she realizes that she can keep their social services...
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