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Topics: Character, Meaning of life, Love Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Draft Essay- Madie

James Maloney’s novel A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove is beautifully crafted and achingly honest exploration of the transformative power of love. Maloney uses language techniques, such as imagery, characterisation, symbolism, themes and figurative language. This entices the reader into, positions them to feel and think ways about the characters and is given to inform the reader about the character. In ABTWC Maloney has used unconditional love to express the characters inner thoughts. He uses this to meticulously craft abstruse themes and characterisations. The Ways he has shown how transformative love is through points mentioned before and through the different forms of love (conditional and unconditional). I will present ways that Maloney formulates beautifully crafted language using exquisite conventions, achingly honest meanings and transformative love using figurative language, using conventions in his novel and themes; he does this through using Characterisation, Imagery, Names and Titles. Christian symbolism is something that will be articulate into this essay.

Christianity is a real sign of how love can affect people and especially how Maloney uses it. Unconditional love is something that is scarce in today’s society, any type of love is linked to an immaculate result (except Gods love .Love is something that many people take for granted but it provides many people with the safe and secure feeling. Maloney has used Christian symbolism to conceal a theme: the theme of unconditional love and the deeper meaning of the story. ABTWC resembles a mountain, the more obvious ideas are on the top and the deeper meaning like this is hidden underneath with its symbolism. This intricately gives the story more complicated ideas away from the obvious (dirty) meaning. The chapter Good Friday is a prime example of the Christian symbolism. The obvious meaning could be Easter but concealed is the fact that they celebrate it and that God is watching or...
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