A Brave Censored New World

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Professor Mark
Mass Media and Society
15 February 2013
A Brave Censored New World
It is obvious why someone who believes in censorship might choose to object to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. This ‘new world’ is built on sexual promiscuity, abolition of family, racism, and drug abuse in the most literal sense. A world which takes the positive aspects of Western society such as technological advances and individualism and turns it into a rigid caste system, in which the members of each caste are mass produced to the specifications of assembly line uniformity.

Readers who have standards of sexual behavior are confronted by a world of promiscuity, considered a virtue, and the sole function is pleasure, not reproduction. The role of reproduction, however, is taken over by a mass production assembly line to make member of each class equal. Women are required to use a form of birth control known as “Malthusian Belts” in order to forego pregnancies. This shows the purpose of sex is pleasure to guarantee happiness, which is the motto of this world, and allows the state more control over the population by not allowing reproduction on their own.

Family relationships are seen only in the negative sense since the only family one has is other members in a relating class. This diminishes all the feelings of love and connections to others, which reduces the possibility of people caring for each other and causing them to disrupt order; this explains the reason why sex is so casual. The concept of family gives you a sense of individuality; however, this feeling is demolished in Brave New World.

As individuality is stressed throughout the book it is hard to identify where racism comes about since everyone is alike. A Native American student who was required to read the book took up the issue of racism herself in the novel when the reader views a frontier-like outlying culture of Native American’s in which babies are born naturally. “It is this culture which...
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