A Book Review Prepared Inpartial Fulfilment for the Requirement of the Course Gsp 102 {Basic Grammar and Varieties of Writing}

Topics: Friendship, Secondary education, Mother Pages: 7 (2521 words) Published: May 29, 2013

“My name is Joana Ifesinachi Nduka” these are the words the narrator used in introducing the protagonist of the novel and the circumstances surrounding her present predicament. Beginning with the unfortunate death of her father at an early age, her mother Mrs Ugodiya Nduka is now left to take care of her little daughter Joana.

Joana has a best friend named Phina Nsoba,The girls [Joana] and Phina are best friends so they do everything together, they live on the same street’ attend the same school and church Joana and Phina love God which is seen in their like for church. Joana is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary as she tries to emulate her chastity.

The common entrance examination result is being released and she {Joana} comes top but refuses to tell her mum because she is scared of her financial stability, but with time her mother finds out and tells her not to worry because God will provide and also warns her about being to wise for her age. Joana and Helen bassey are being posted to the same school “Estate Girls Secondary School”. As a result of the rate of poverty in Joana’s life she is being made to hawk bean balls and pap and [akara and akamu]. One morning while hawking as usual she comes across a customer [Mr Emudo] who sexually harasses her but she decides not to tell her mother about her encounter but only discloses it to her friend Phina, after the incident she tries avoiding Mr Emudo unaware of the fact that Phina has been collecting money and gift items from him in her name, one morning as the girls go hawking, they jump into him and he invites the girls to his house then they agree as they are about leaving he begs Joana to forgive him if he has ever offended her. One day while in cathecism class the Priest Father Odo addresses them and preaches basically about the sin of the flesh which are adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, masturbation and lust. He explains that other sins are without the flesh because they are initiated by the heart which is by will and its only cure is total avoidance and the presence of the holy spirit the priest ends the sermon with few words which keeps ringing bell in joana’s ears [Live the way you were created, if you were created to endure’ endure if you can’t endure then……].

Joana is being accompanied by her mum for an interview in her new school which is situated away from the heart of the settlement called Abakpa and Joana is worried about the distance, while in the school for the interview the Principal tells Mrs Nduka to take care of Joe considering the fact that she was going to be a day student and also because he likes brilliant students like Joe. As she resumes school she realizes that she has a competition in class [JACINTA UGONNA ONYIA] because she beats her in a test by a single mark, it boosts her morale so she decides to read harder in other to always be the best in class and she has Okey her neighbor whom she also sees as her brother to guide her. Now it’s the end of term, Joana and her friends are excited and so they go to the canteen to celebrate and Helen decides to buy drinks for everyone [Cecil, Phina ,Joe, Benedicta, Ugonna] they all decide to visit Pauline’s house, getting to the house Pauline’s mum receives them warmly and serves them different drinks. While in the living room Joe notices a portrait of Pauline’s elder brother [Johnny] which she unnecessarily gets attracted to. She becomes very eager to know him and fears because her friends do not support the fact that she’s in love with a so called small boy. With time the girls become very close and plan on going for a party at benedicta’s so Joe devices a lie and tell her mum which was her only way of attending the party, while at the party the girls are given...
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