A Book Review on "Gender and International Relations: an Introduction"

Topics: Feminism, Gender, Feminist theory Pages: 5 (1343 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Gender and International Relations: An Introduction

Jill Stean


Anna Rosenda Marie L. Rivera
International Relations

Number of Pages: 217

The book on Gender and International Relations by Jill Stean consists of seven chapters which comprehensively discusses the different aspects of the emergence of the issues regarding gender equality especially on the issues about feminism.

Chapter 1 Gender, Feminism and International Relations
This chapter defines the origin of some feminist theories which the discussions are divided into three main sections. The first section is regarding the scope of gender--- its definition. The second one discusses about the concepts of Feminist Theories. The third section discusses on the early beginnings of the development of feminism as an international issue.

The section one have traced backed the start of defining what gender is. The term gender is interchangeably used as sex, the author had narrates the 1920’s and 1930’s situation in which the social scientist regarded gender as a personal attributes. However in 1960’s feminist analysts brought generalization on the term gender uses and in the 1970’s to 1980’s gender had been regarded as a collecting phenomenon and not as part or aspect of personal identification. In the recent years, gender has been understood as both aspect of personal identity and as integral part of social institution and practices. Section 2 presented the different feminist theories can be defined event as feminist contested on the nation of equality between the citizens. It stated and discusses the following feminist theories: Liberal feminism—concentrates on the promotion of equal rights; Marxist feminism--- the oppression of women as a social group is not a result of bias ignorance on the international actions of individuals; it is a product of political, social and economic status associated with capitalism; Radical Feminism--- women’s oppression not as a byproduct of capitalism but rather as the root of all systems of oppression; Psycho analytic & Existential Thought--- anchored on the theory of Sigmund Freud’s Psycho analytic Theory considers as the central influence; Post Modern Feminism--- challenges the value and overlaps the other school of thought of feminism theories; and Feminist Critical Theory--- tried to finds a way forward which both retains gender as a category of analysis ad retains the historical commitment to the building of feminism. The third section states how the feminism have been an issue in the international scene beginning in the late 1980’s. Thus from then on the issue on feminism had been opened to the world.

Chapter 2 Feminism and Critique of the Orthodoxy
This chapter is divided into two broad sections, the Realism as Orthodoxy and A Gendered Discourse. The first section is divided into three subsections that illustrates the exploration of the social and political dynamics involved in the construction of theory and states the consequences of the dominance of realism. The section of the chapter was focused on the gender issues and utilization of feminism as a critique. The section also undertakes the feminist reading of influential realist texts.

Chapter 3 States, Nationalism and Gendered Identities
This chapter is divided into five main sections: (1) State, Nation and the Logic of Identity; (2) Gender, Nationalisms and Identities; (3) Power and the Construction and Ascription of Identity; (4) Gendered Practices; and (5) Gender and Identity in Global Perspective. This chapter explores the issues on formation of practices. Its first section focused on the ways in which the International Relations have conventionally understood identity. The second section highlighted the gender issues in nationalist integration of identity. The three other sections have focused on gender positions in the social and political perspective not only confided...
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