A Black Man's Struggle in a White Society

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  • Published : November 18, 2010
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“Soulja 4 Life" is a song by James Tapp Jr., as known as Soulja Slim. This song took place in New Orleans Louisiana in the late 1990s. Soulja 4 life is a song that talks about how it is hard for one black man to live in a white world. Even though the black man might sell drugs, the white society try to make it hard for black men to be successful in life, because white policemen will pull a black man over if they see he is riding in something nice and white men do not want to see a successful black man making it in life. The racial conflict in the song “Soulja 4 Life” is that it is hard for black African American males to be successful in New Orleans because the white society was making it hard for them to be successful in the 1900s.

Soulja Slim was one of the black men living in New Orleans in the late 1990s. He was a successful black man living in a white man’s society. In the song Soulja 4 Life, Soulja Slim says, “You can call me racist, black man in this white world” (Tapp line 9). People think Soulja Slim was racist for saying that but in reality in the late 1990s New Orleans was a hard place to live in for a black man who is trying to make it in life. It was hard for Soulja Slim and other black men to succeed in New Orleans by making money the right way, not by selling drugs, robbing people, and other bad ways of getting money. White men did not want to see a successful black man making it in life during the late 1990s.

In the 1990s the white society had the most power in New Orleans. The reason why they had power was, because they were over everything. For example, most to all of the law enforcers in New Orleans were white. The white society had all the high paying jobs in New Orleans or their own businesses. They wanted to stay the dominant race so they made it hard for other races to be successful. The things they were doing so the black males would not be successful are not giving them jobs in their businesses. Also the white society would also try...
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