A Birthday

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Christina Rossetti Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: March 18, 2013
A Birthday
Christina Rossetti

The poet “A Birthday” by Christina Rossetti uses different techniques in the poem. In the essay I will use similes, metaphors and also repetition to describe her great joy and feelings of specialness that she has because ‘her love’ has ‘come to her’.

Rossetti uses a very long metaphor of ‘a birthday’, which extends right through the poem, because “birthdays” must have been a really special event for her. But the ‘coming’ of ‘her love’ makes ‘her heart’ even “gladder than all these”! In stanza one Rossetti uses three similes from nature to show that it is spring. One builds up another to awaken the sounds ‘singing bird’ which shows her feelings of happiness and shows her joys. The watered shoot represents plenty which shows that all the things needed in life are there. Another visual image e.g. thickset fruit which shows an apple tree because it is heavy which could show us her full of love and emotions, and colour rainbow shell shows to express her love bright with colours. Rossetti also uses repetition to express a positive view towards love, for example she starts of “my heart is glad because her love has come to her.” This emotion is emphasized a point through the repetition of "My heart is", at the start of every other line in the first stanza. The repetition show the reader a much better sense of gravity of the situation and what the character are feeling for example emotionally repetition ‘Because my love is come to me’ shows how she feels about her love come to her and shows how much happiness that her love came to her which give the illusion of a heart beating for love.

In the second line of each of these similes the poet has more ordinary word following by a really colourful specially chosen phrase e.g. ‘nest’(line two) followed by ‘a watered shoot’ or ‘boughs’ followed by ‘thickset fruit’. This technique adds more specialness, more richness fertility and romance to her image. The piles up of these image keeps the...
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