A Bird in the House. Essay

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A Bird in the House


A Bird in the House is a short story sequence written by Margaret Laurence. In her novel the author elevates the theme of physical entrapment. The title “a bird in the house” is full symbolism signifying a hidden soul of sorrow. In around eight interrelated written stories, Margaret Laurence recreates the world of Vanessa MacLeod a granddaughter of a tyrant woman who lived as perfectionist though under depression. Vanessa grows in a homestead that offers her physical, social and emotional confinement. She was not around to meet her friends or engage herself in anything that went beyond the around her home. That not withstand, her father is also entrapped in similar circumstances that persists till his death. Aspects such as a world of scrub-oak, willow, and chokecherry bushes of family love and conflict and of a girl’s growing awareness of and passage into womanhood it is true that all the stories are blend into one masterly and touching whole poignant, compassionate, and profound in emotional impact created by confinement (Stovel 2006). A Bird in the House speaks of family love, duty and the pain of death as well. The conflict and emotions are exposed in a very fine way in the narrative that also develops such as when Vanessa's father dies rapidly owing to flu, Vanessa misses him dreadfully and doesn't know how to handle with her grief. The poem puts forward a theme of entrapment and a fight for freedom by all members of the same family. The sense of confinement and the need for escape is seen throughout the narrative (Laurence 2010) Birds represent a class of animals who are vertebrates and live in nature. They have the ability to fly and roam all over the wilderness and the sky. The story the bird in the house manifests a theme of entrapment. This theme represents confinement which is experienced Vanessa’s father. This theme is perpetuated by her grandmother, MacLeod who is believed to love order....
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