A Better Organization: /Motivation and Teamwork

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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A better organization: Motivation and Teamwork

Now a day, innovation is the key word for a better organization. Companies are pushed for changes. Before profit was the most important factor for an organization, today people were put in the center. Creating a better and motivational environment for employee will lead automatically to an increase in profit. Motivated workers means a better performance, better communication and teamwork, what makes an organization to run smoother and being able to achieve its goals. First of all, problems had became bigger and the basic problem solving has became obsolete, organization need to create a more efficient way of thinking and teamwork came in hand now. One person working by himself will be able to come up with a solution within his limits of knowledge and discipline of study; when different discipline are combined in a team, ideas are connected to create a more effective solution. In health care the use of teamwork is essential for saving lives. In the journal of Medical Ethics, M. D. Wachter shows a case report about interdisciplinary teamwork. In the case he shows that because of lack of a interdisciplinary team, a medical error occurred, which prevented a couple to have children using fertilization methods, and when the error was founded it was too late because the women was approaching menopause. He also add that working in an interdisciplinary team make works much easier, what before was consider to a doctor too risk or complicated, now with different opinions, insights and ideas, it makes the problem easier to be solved in a more effective way. Secondly is motivation, people are motivate to do what is interesting, fun, challenging, and what involve them in something that matter (Daniel Pink, 2009). As explore in the TEDGlobal conference, Pink shows that motivational reward just work for mechanical tasks, but when comes to brain tasks, it poorer the results. Even after being proved that reward is not a effective...
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