A Beginner's Guide to C++

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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C++ Without Fear
Second Edition

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C++ Without Fear
Second Edition
A Beginner’s Guide That Makes You Feel Smart

Brian Overland

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About This Book: How It’s Different Onward to the Second Edition “Where Do I Begin?” Icons, Icons, Who’s Got the Icons? What Is Not Covered? Getting Started with C++: A Free Compiler A Final Note: Have Fun! xxiii xxiii xxiv xxv xxv xxvi xxvii xxvii xxix xxxi

Acknowledgments About the Author
Chapter 1

Your First C++ Programs
Thinking Like a Programmer Computers Do Only What You Tell Them Determine What the Program Will Do Write the Equivalent C++ Statements Interlude How “Smart” Are Computers, Really? Some Nerdy Definitions—A Review What’s Different About C++? Building a C++ Program Enter the Program Statements Build the Program (Compile and Link)

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Test the Program Revise as Needed Installing Your Own C++ Compiler Example 1.1. Print a Message If You’re Using the Dev-C++ Environment If You’re Using Microsoft Visual Studio How It Works Exercises Interlude What about the #include and using? Advancing to the Next Print Line Example 1.2. Print Multiple Lines How It Works Exercises Interlude What Is a String? Storing Data: C++ Variables Introduction to Data Types Interlude Why Double Precision, Not Single? Example 1.3. Convert Temperatures How It Works Optimizing the Program Exercises A Word about Variable Names and Keywords Exercise Chapter 1 Summary Chapter 2

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