A Beautiful Wedding Day

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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I went to a beautiful wedding on a Saturday. It was a lovely outside wedding on a wonderful weather day. The air was crisp and breezy; you could feel the warmth and love in it. There was the scent of flowers, and candles burning. There was a beautiful pond with lilies floating in the water. There was a bridge with trellis of flowers hanging alone it. There were the sounds of children laughing and playing. There were the sounds of people clapping, and chatting, there were beautiful dresses and jewelry. Pretty little children throwing rose pedals. There were beautifully decorated chairs with red, chocolate, and ivory floral. There were the sounds of music playing; the arch was as beautiful as the preacher stood in front of it smiling. There were people crying and smiling as the sight of the bride coming down the aisle. There were tears in the bride eyes as she marched closer to her groom. You could see the joy in the groom’s eyes and the proudness and honor in the dads eyes as he gave his daughter away. You could hear the cracking inside of the bride and the groom’s voice as they spoke their vows and committed their selves to each other for life. You could hear the deepness of the voice of the preacher as he announced the couple as man and wife. You could see the happiness in the bride and groom faces as well as their families as the commenced their ceremony with a long sweet and passionate kiss. There were sounds of joy and clapping, cheering, and whistling afterwards. There was the broom from which they jumped. The excitement of the ladies voices and face as they all gathered together to catch the bouquet which was full of chocolate red and ivory flowers. They jumped, grasped, fought, and squirmed to reach it. The sounds of the claps and cheers of the women when they're friends caught the bouquet. The hand shaking and hugging amongst the two families. The scenery of the beautiful house of the event, the beautiful green acres of...
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