A Beautiful Mind the Movie

Topics: A Beautiful Mind, Jennifer Connelly, Schizophrenia Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: October 14, 2011
The movie a beautiful mind shows an example of a genius who suffered from psychiatric problems. The movie shows the true story of John Nash, an Oscar winner who suffered delusions and hallucinations. The movie’s story originated from a book, and was released in 2002. Some of the people in the cast were Russell Crowe as Steve Nash and Jennifer Connelly as Alicia Nash. The movie allowed people to understand how people that suffer from schizophrenia think and what they go through.

John Nash went to Princeton University and was trying to create a mathematical theory. He was never good with socializing with people, except for his roommate Charles. Nash would spend all his time working and was finally able to make his theory after not being able to talk to a girl at the bar. Nash was then invited by the government to work by figuring out codes and received the task of finding hidden messages from the Soviet Union on newspapers and magazines. When working as a teacher Nash met Alicia with whom he ended up marrying.

Alicia noticed her husband was acting strange and she called a psychiatrist which took Nash to a psychiatric clinic. There it was discovered that most of what Nash believed was fake, it was all in his mind. His roommate never existed, and neither did the people to whom he worked by finding codes, they were all in his mind. When Nash left the clinic, he was taking medicine that stopped him from doing his work and from interacting with his wife. Due to this, he stopped taking his medicines and the hallucinations came back. This almost caused the death of his son, but then Nash noticed it was all fake and started fighting against it. With the help of his wife he was able to ignore those people that were in his mind. John Nash taught people his theory and ended up winning the Noble Prize. The people that were in his mind never left it, but he was now able to live without letting t interrupt his life.

This movie is very interesting.
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