A Beautiful Mind: Alzheimer's Disease

Topics: Alzheimer's disease, Neurology, Psychology Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: October 12, 2012

I can recall my grandmother when I was a child; she was nice, happy, and could always remember stories about her younger years and even everyone in our family’s birthday. All of that changed one day though, my grandmother was at home about three years ago when all of the sudden she had a miniature stroke attack. Physically she was fine after the attack; but mentally she was not well. The miniature strokes had triggered a horribly devastating disease called Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive and irreversible brain disease that destroys mental and physical functioning in human beings, and invariably leads to death. It is said to be one of the leading causes of adult death in the United States. The disease can create emotional and financial catastrophe for any families that has had a loved one inflicted with this horrible disease. Alzheimer’s disease deteriorates the inflicted person’s memory to the point that they can not even remember who their children are. In a recent study done by scientist, they found that “based on recent estimates, about five percent of the American population over 65 suffers from this incurable disease. In the mid-1980’s, at least 2 million people were condemned to live the last years of their lives in helplessness and mental disability.”(Frank 11). These results ca be devastating to anyone who has a history of family members who have been inflicted by this disease.

Previously, some people believed that confusion and trouble with memory were a natural part of growing old. This mental disability was often called being senile and considered a sad but unavoidable condition suffered by those who were unlucky enough to live a long life.

Much still remains unknown about this destructive illness, research is being done on Alzheimer’s disease, and more is being learned about it each day. A lot of attention has been given to the care needed by Alzheimer’s victims and the...
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