A Beautiful Day

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KIT's Cultural Awareness Quiz – 5 case study questions

News & Events in different countries.

http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/intercultural-business-communication/tool.php?culture1=6&culture2=8 information about how people treat one another in society in terms of: power, individualism, masculinity, rule-orientation

http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/etiquette/doing-business-in.html cultural guides to doing business in another country
Doing Business in Argentina    
Doing Business in Austria
Doing Business in Belarus    
Doing Business in Belgium    
Doing Business in Brazil
Doing Business in Chile    
Doing Business in China    
Doing Business in Columbia     
Doing Business in the Czech Republic                                Doing Business in Denmark    
Doing Business in Ecuador    
Doing Business in Egypt    
Doing Business in Estonia          
Doing Business in Finland    
Doing Business in France                 
Doing Business in Germany    
Doing Business in Greece
Doing Business in Hong Kong    
Doing Business in Hungary 
Doing Business in Iceland    
Doing Business in India    
Doing Business in Iran    
Doing Business in Italy
Doing Business in Japan
Doing Business in Latvia    
Doing Business in Lithuania    
Doing Business in Luxembourg
Doing Business in Mexico
Doing Business in Norway
Doing Business in Poland
Doing Business in Romania    
Doing Business in Russia
Doing Business in Singapore    
Doing Business in Slovakia      
Doing Business in South Korea    
Doing Business in Spain    
 Doing Business in Sweden    
Doing Business in Switzerland
Doing Business in The Middle East    
Doing Business in Turkey
Doing Business in Ukraine


How Culturally Aware are you?

Top of Form
Japanese often send money to bereaved friends as an expression of sympathy [pic]True [pic]False
Armenians and Georgians belong to the same language family
[pic]True [pic]False
Shaking hands with women is acceptable in Indonesia
[pic]True [pic]False
The Number 4 is considered lucky in Japan
[pic]True [pic]False
Eating with left hand is taboo in Saudi Arabia
[pic]True [pic]False
Brazilians usually wear black shoes in the offices
[pic]True [pic]False
Japanese and Chinese can read each other’s newspapers
[pic]True [pic]False
White flowers in Japan are given at funerals
[pic]True [pic]False
Mexicans are supposed to keep their hands on the table during a meal [pic]True [pic]False
In Britain you tip your plate away from you when eating soup [pic]True [pic]False
Spaniards like to maintain eye contact during conversations
[pic]True [pic]False
Arabs expect gifts to be opened in front of the giver
[pic]True [pic]False
Japanese, unlike Chinese, do not mind "losing face"
[pic]True [pic]False
Germans like deadlines
[pic]True [pic]False
Muslims can eat Kosher meat
[pic]True [pic]False
Most Scandinavians start their bargaining with what is in their opinion, the fair price [pic]True [pic]False
Lithuanian is a Slavic language
[pic]True [pic]False
British people drink more than 200 million cups of tea a day [pic]True [pic]False
Thailand a pale face is a sign of beauty in a woman
[pic]True [pic]False
The further South you go in Europe, the more authoritarian the boss is expected to be [pic]True [pic]False
Italian executives often come to business meetings in designer sports jackets and flannels [pic]True [pic]False
American businessmen dislike detailed written contracts
[pic]True [pic]False
In India holy men usually wear white
[pic]True [pic]False
The thumbs up sign means ‘OK’ in Argentina
[pic]True [pic]False
All Arabs are Muslims
[pic]True [pic]False
Eating with your hands is rude in Malaysia
[pic]True [pic]False

Cross Cultural Quiz - Gestures

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