A Bad Case of Food Posioning

Topics: Blood Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 30, 2013
A Bad Case of Food Poisoning
David sighed with relief as the clear sound of the bell signifying the end of school rang through the air. The sense of joy in the air was so evident that even the teacher cracked a smile as he uttered the words, “Class dismissed.” Within seconds, bags were packed and flung onto the waiting backs of pupils itching to get home and take a long, well-deserved bath. They bade the teacher farewell before filling out of the classroom and rushing down the stairs. While strolling home after school, David passed a street hawker who was selling snacks and cakes – which were displayed in an open tray. Upon seeing the delectable-looking cakes, David felt hungry but his mother’s words rang in his head, “Don’t ever buy anything from street hawkers!” Still, David succumbed to the temptation and decided to buy a slice of butter cake. He did not think much of the flies hovering above the food and the dust settling on it. After David paid the street hawker, the hawker used his bare hands and gave the food to David – the same bare hands he used to dig his nose and to handle the money. Three hours later, David was at home doing his homework – which seemed impossible to finish when he was hit with an awful stomachache. This was followed by bloody diarrhoea and continuous vomiting – which also contained blood. David’s mother immediately took him to the nearest hospital. By the time they reached there, David was delirious from dehydration and could neither walk straight nor walk properly. David’s mother had no choice but to send a stretcher to bring David to the doctor. After a careful and in-depth check, David was diagnosed with severe dehydration and needed fluids immediately to stop or slow down the dehydration. David was put in the intensive care unit (ICU) and was carefully observed by several doctors. Even with fluids continuously pumped into David’s blood stream, David was still losing fluids very quickly. The doctors thought of making the pump’s...
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