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Topics: Short story, Sea bathing, Swimsuit Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Essay 3" Malkia Murray Dr. Donavan English Comp 102 February 21, 2012 “The Lesson and A&P”


The short stories “The Lesson” and “A&P” innocent, centered on two young characters, Sammy and Sylvia. The story “A&P” takes you to a place and time where there was still a since of innocence, where certain things such as walking around in a supermarket in your bathing suit was considered tabu. Whereas the story “The Lesson” takes you to a time not so innocent, a time of struggle where the children are exposed to more harsher realities. These differences seem evident in the characterʼs personalities.

In the story “A&P” Updike introduces us to Sammy. Sammy seems like a young idealistic boy who is intrigued by three girls who enters the store in bathing suits. Sammyʼs views on these young girls, his town and his managers paints a picture of a time and place were there is not much going on concerning social or economical issues. Sammyʼs abrupt decision to quit his job because of the way his manager publicly chastised the young girls for wearing bathing suits suggest that he may not make the best decisions but he does at least stand by his convictions.

In the story “The Lesson” Bambara introduces us to Sylvia. Sylvia clearly comes from a different place than Sammy especially regarding social and economic standing.

Essay 3" This seems evident in Sylviaʼs attitude, personality and the way she describes the world around her. Sylviaʼs resistance to the sharing and teachings of her “educated


neighbor” may have just been a defense to protect herself from disappointment. the fact that she would not give Ms Moore, the satisfaction of knowing that in the end, she really did get the message suggest that she has a stubbornness that she may sometimes work for or against her.

In all these were two great stories. These characters had one thing going for them regardless of the issues of their time, their youth. Whether right or wrong as children these characters...
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