A 9-Cell Industry Attractiveness/Business Strength Matrix Displaying P&G and Gillette's Business Units

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|Date of initial investment |February 2007 | |% held (Eurazeo) |13.2 % | |Total investment |€52 million |

2 European leader in industrial and commercial vehicles rental

Fraikin mainly offers long-term leasing (2 to 7 years) of commercial and industrial vehicles as well as short-term rental solutions (1 day to 12 months), fl eet management and vehicle maintenance solutions. The Group operates in France, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

|Revenues |€694 million, - 1.6% |
|EBITA |€112 million, + 4.6% |

3 2011 Performance

In a rather unfavorable economic context where many customers and prospects were not inclined to commit to several years, preferring to favor short-term rentals, the Fraikin Group’s business declined slightly (-1.4%). Short-term rentals (14% of revenues) increased by 11%, long term leasing (74% of revenues) decreased by 3.7% and other invoicing (advertising, fleet management...) was stable at +0.3%. Sales of used vehicles generated capital gains at a level well above that of 2010 and the market remains strong. Efforts made to find new sales channels for these used vehicles were successful. Operating income excluding capital gains continued to increase due to both the increase in revenues and the average net value of the fleet.  

4 2012 Outlook

The main trends at the beginning of the 2012 period were as follows: • For long-term leasing, the portfolio of prospects in process is encouraging and the level of investment remains high • The short-term business remains stable, particularly in France • Sales of used cars still permit us to realize capital gains The group’s objective is to maintain high margin levels and be able to adapt quickly to changes in business volume. The refinancing of debt for the fleets in France, the UK and Spain is...
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