A 2000 Word Reflection on Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Writing Pages: 5 (1870 words) Published: March 4, 2013
A 2000 word reflection, using Gibbs reflective model (1988) to focus on ONE specific conversation where personal communication and interpersonal skills has had a direct impact on the patient’s nursing care.

This essay is going to discuss aspects of effective communication using Gibbs model of reflection G Gibbs (1988). The conversation took place whilst I was on my first placement with a community mental health team. The conversation I witnessed took place at the patient’s home between my mentor and a patient I will call Sally to maintain confidentiality in accordance with the Nursing &Midwifery Council code of Professional conduct (2008) we had gone to visit Sally to do a memory test (ACE-R) Addenbrookes Cognitive Examination she had been suffering from memory problems for some time according to her family but Sally didn’t believe that she had memory problems and put it down to her age. Description

My mentor and I arrived at Sally’s home just after lunch, present for our visit was Sally, her daughter and her husband although Sally was aware that we were coming she was very irritated as she didn’t want us there and thought her daughter and husband had been scheming behind her back she was very upset with them and suspicious of us. My mentor asked the family and Sally if we could see her alone this was fine with her so the daughter and husband reluctantly agreed. My mentor sat in front of Sally and explained why we had come to visit, who we both were and what we did she asked Sally was it ok if I stayed. My mentor then went on to explain the memory test (ACE-R) to Sally she explained that the test could be a little patronising but it needed to be done Sally agreed to take part in the memory test. First my mentor positioned herself next to Sally and asked her could she hear her alright and did she need her glasses Sally said yes she needed her glasses and she was a little hard of hearing she showed my mentor that she was wearing her hearing aid and said yes she could hear her, she also put on her glasses my mentor then began the test. During the test I witnessed my mentor speak slowly and clearly so Sally could hear her I watched her show empathy to Sally she behaved as if she knew what Sally was thinking and feeling if Sally was getting upset my mentor would put her hand on her hand to reassure her my mentor was respectful and treated Sally with dignity throughout the whole conversation she didn’t rush she let Sally do the test in her own time. When the test was over my mentor added up the score she asked Sally if she would like her family present for the results she said yes she would so my mentor asked them to come back into the room she explained that Sally’s memory test had shown that she is suffering from memory problems and she would like her to see the consultant Sally looked relived and said ok her daughter was getting upset and asked if her mum had dementia my mentor was very professional and explained that there could be a number of things effecting her mums memory that she couldn’t say what it was till she had seen the consultant and had a scan. Feelings and thoughts

I felt admiration for my mentor because she handled the situation professionally, I felt empathy for the family and throughout the test I was willing Sally to do well for herself and her family and I remember feeling disappointed that her score was low. It was heartbreaking to watch the reaction of Sally’s daughter but I respected the way Sally and her husband reacted they just looked relived Sally said as we were leaving that’s the worst bit over with now. Evaluation

Looking back at how my mentor handled the conversation I started to think how I would have acted in the same situation I know that I would have handled it differently because of how emotional I felt. I don’t think my mentor could have done anything differently she handled things flawlessly I think I could improve on my emotional state in different...
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