ZZZZ Best Company Inc.: Audit Study

Topics: Audit, Barry Minkow, Financial audit Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: December 27, 2012
ZZZ Best Company Inc.

ZZZ Best Company, Inc. is good example for being explored by accounting students regarding audit field. In this case, ZZZ Best Company, Inc., which is established by Barry Minkow, became a tool for its owner i. E. Barry Minkow to get money by lying to thrid parties via fictitious insurance restoration project. Difficulties in developing carpet cleaning industry made Barry Minkow think to get money in wrong way. Collaborate with Tom Padgett and also extensive social network, made this big scheme to deceive big investors became easy.

After success in cheating investors, Barry Minkow think bigger to make more money. He think to make ZZZ Best Company go public. For company which want to go public, it must fulfill many requirements of SEC. One of requirements is audited by accounting public officer. To fulfill that requirement, ZZZ Best Company Inc. hired George Greenspan to perform audit for 12 months. According to his testimony regarding ZZZ Best scandal to congressional subcommittee that investigated fraud in ZZZ Best Company, Inc., Greenspan insisted that he has proprtly audited Minkow’s company although finally Greenspan admitted that he had not inspected any of the insurance restoration sites.

Next audit company which audited Minkow’s company was Ernst and Whinney. From Greenspan confession, he already communicate with Ernst and Whinney as predecessor auditor who audited ZZZ Best but this statement was rejected by Ernst and Whinney. Ernst and Whinney signed an enagement letter as a proof that Ernst and Whinney had right to audit ZZZ Best Company Inc. In that contratc, ZZZ Best Company Inc., asked four services to Ernst and Whinney that the audit firm intended to provide ZZZ Best, that are: review’s company financial statement for three months period, assistance in the preparation of a registration statement to be filled with SEC, a comfort letter to be submitted to ZZZ Best;s underwriters, and a full scope...
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