Zyx Incorporated

Topics: Level of measurement, Measurement, Central tendency Pages: 3 (682 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Case Study of ZYX Incorporated
Executive Summary
ZYX Inc is determined to find out what is causing the increase in absenteeism and sick leaves. ZYX’s employees’ job satisfaction will be measured by using different types of tests in which one will be able to find out the variables that impact their satisfaction. In this study one will be able to understand why there are attendance problems, as well as the factors that interfere with such problems and what needs to be done to improve job satisfaction among the employees. All variables used in this study are important because each variable will allow one to see the different outcomes. The variables used in this study are at the level of education, gender, position, commute time, as well as the level of stress and job satisfaction.

In the education variable there are many levels of measurement such as: High school diploma, A.A., Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degree. In this variable a nominal level of measurement will be used. The other variable that will be used for this level of measurement is gender, when the typical value and the level of measurements are male or female. The categories that are in the ordinal level of measurement are position, income, commute, and interest. The level of measurement in position is administrated; Blue Collar, Managerial, Professional, and other; which they are able to chose from. In income, the level of measurements are $65. The level measurement of commute is 30 min, 30min- 1hr, 1.1hr – 2hr, 2.1hr- 3hr. In the interest variable, the level of measurement is only central tendency. The two variables that will use the ratio level will be job satisfaction and stress. The level of measurement of job satisfaction will be the level of interest and for stress will be central tendency. Each of these variables has a level of measurement that will help solve the problem within the ZYX Incorporation.

Phase I: Research Preparation
Problem Statement
ZYX Inc. has found in recent...
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