Topics: Vietnam, Coffee, Trigraph Pages: 3 (547 words) Published: May 13, 2013
* Hi good morning !
* Good morning !
* What is your name ?
* Im Sac. And you ?
* Im Richie. Nice to meet you. How are you ?
* Im fine. Thank you. How are you ?
* I’m fine too. How old are you Sac ? You look young.
* I’m 21 years old. What about you, Richie ?
* Oh, I’m 25 years old. What are you doing here in Singapore ? * I’m studying Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management in SDH institute. How about you ?
* I just completed my bachelor’s and waiting for the internship. Where do you live in Singapore ?
* I live in Boonkeng , you know purple line ?
* Oh, really. Im also staying in Huangang and it ‘s also in purple line just 4 statons away. * Where you came from ? Are you from India ?
* No, I’m from SL. And where you from ?
* I’m from Viet Nam.
* Really ! That interesting. Where do you live in Vietnam ? Because I have a friend next to my house in Singapore and
He is also from VietNam.
* I’m living in HCM city. So where do you live in SL ?
* I live in Colombo and it’s the capital of SL.
What about your family ? Do they living in Singapore with you ? * No. I’m stay here to study. My family is in VietNam.
* Ok fine. What do you do on your free time ?
* I listen to music, play games and reading books
* Oh. You like reading. Me too
* Oh. So we both like reading.
* Sac Did you have breakfast ?
* Yes. I had in the food shop next to our college.
* It’s ok. Let go for a coffee.
* Ok. Sure
* What would you like to drink ? Cappuccino ?
* Anything for me
* It’s ok. Just tell me
* I think Cappuccino is fine for me.
* OK. Would you like something to eat ?
* No. I just had breakfast.
* It’s Ok. Just eat something.
* No thanx, I can’t eat anymore. I’m full.
* Ok its k. Anyway How long you have been in SG ?
* Just almost 5 months. What about you ?
* Actually, I was here since last year
* Oh. What were you doing since...
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