Zulu Tribe

Topics: Zulu, Agriculture, Zulu culture Pages: 4 (1317 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Zulu Tribe Final Paper
Joseph C. Duron
ANT101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Instructor: Katie Custer

Way before the Zulu tribe became a thriving nation of their time, they were partly nomadic separated family groups. These groups were very self-sufficient based on their knowledge of herding cattle and horticulture. The Zulu might be the largest ethnic group in South Africa today because of their chiefdom separations and the military conquests they occurred. In this paper I will be talking about the Zulu tribe’s primary mode of substance, beliefs and values, sickness and healing and the tribe’s social organization.

The Zulu tribes were very big on raising cattle, herding, and the women would also cultivate crops. With this information being said I believe the Zulu tribes were pastoralists. The cattle was at the center of the tribe while crop cultivation and supplemental hunting were not the focus point. Usually males in the tribe are farmers and the main crop planted is maize. Men are responsible for the raising of livestock while the young boys are responsible for herding the cattle while they graze. The women are responsible for the crop fields and keeping the household up and running. Being that the Zulu use the slash-and-burn method of farming, they must move every couple of years to keep their land rich and available for new crops. Because these nations and tribes do in fact supply their own food in farming there is no need to go to a city or state to obtain food or work. The farming these tribes consist of is an all-day effort and is extremely hard work. With the hard work they put in to plough and harvest food they also get a profit from selling what they either don’t want or what they want too in turn to make a profit. Farming in these Zulu tribes helps them keep up with the ongoing chase of poverty. Now a days it is common for the new age Zulu tribes to go to the store and buy these products instead of farming and that is taking...
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