Zulu Nation

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the culture i am intrested in is the zulu. This culture drew my attintion and i had to futher the research on it. The zulu are the best known African people. Their military exploits led to the rise and fall of a great kindom that was feared for a long time over much of the African continent. The zulu are the descendents of Nguni-speaking people. The Zulu history can be tracked backed to the early fourteenth century.

The early nineteenth century a young man namrd shaka welden most of the Nguni tribe into yhe powerful Zulu kindom. Shaka ruled from 1816 t0 1828, when he was killed by his brothers. While reign , Shaka recruited young men from all over the kingdom and trained them in his own worrior tactics. After defeating armies and assimilating thier people Shaka established his nation. In about twelve years, he had forged one of the most mightest empires the African continent has ever known.

During the late 1800s, Britishe troops invaded Zulu territory and divided the Zulu land into thirteen chiefdoms. The zulu never regained thier independence. Throughtout the mid-1900s, they were dominated by diffrent white governments, first there was the british and then the Afrikaner. The Zulu have endeavored to regain a measure of polotical autonomy, before South Africa's first democratic election in 1994 and in the subsequental period to the present. They have been unsuccessful with both governments.

Many Zulu still lives in traditionally structured communities, others have migrated to urban areas. Links between urban and rural residents remain strong. A mixture of triditional and western ways of life is installed in the lives of the Zulu people.

There are a few cultural aspects that i would like to descuss in my research One is

The Zulu is known to be the largest South African ethnic group, with and estimate of up to 11 million people living in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. It is also said to believe that there are small amounts living in...
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