Zoroastrian, Umbanda, and Hinduism and What They Provide to Their Followers Considering Healing

Topics: Religion, Health care, Spirituality Pages: 5 (1600 words) Published: May 12, 2013
There were three religions that were researched and they were Zoroastrian, Umbanda, and Hinduism. The first two were researched because they are not well known and Hinduism was chosen for the unfamiliarity of it’s healing practices. These three religions mainly associate their healing practices with the beliefs of their culture and mainly address physical healing however mental healing is also key in being well or healthy. These three religions and Christianity seek out either a priest or the spiritual leader for healing. Understanding and knowing about the various forms of healing across different religions can help healthcare providers care for patients.

The various religions throughout the world vary in what is provided to its followers concerning healing. The three religions that are discussed are: Zoroastrian, Umbanda, and Hinduism. In the three faiths that were researched healing mainly focused on the physical aspect of healing because that is mainly what people need healing for. Healing also does not necessarily include a medical perspective to be considered healed, however, healing in some religions also include healing from spirits. Although healing based religious faiths vary from faith to faith, most, if not all share a common belief to heal a person for whatever reason they are seeking out to be healed from. Spiritual Perspective on Healing

Spirituality in general in relation to healthcare has not been defined specifically or has been thought of in order to meet the spiritual needs of patients in order to heal. However, understanding that spirituality and religion are different entities but have interrelations with each other will help define spirituality based on the idea of healing. Susan Hollin states that “The major difference between [spirituality and religion] is that religion provides a firm set of beliefs, rituals and worship patterns within a faith community for the expression of a particular spirituality” (2005). Based on the three religions that are discussed and the quote mentioned above the spirituality aspect of healing varies from each religion. The Zoroastrian religion is based on the cultural aspects of the Iranian people. They do believe in God and the Devil and health and illness is a struggle between the two, “Diseases and health were considered as the result of struggle between God and Devil - if God overcomes, health prevails; if the Devil overcomes, disease is dominant” (Rahim, 2010). Also in this religion hygiene proved to be the basis of illness, however the belief in temptation by ill-tempered demons prevailed. Umbanda is a religion based on spiritism and the healing aspect is based on this which has become popular and sought by other people of various countries aside from its original country of Brazil. These countries include New Zealand, Australia and the United States and the founder of this religion and the person conducting healing is known as Joao de Deus or John of God. To many this form of healing would be considered alternative medicine because the healing components do not include such things as medicine but includes actions as scraping someone’s eyes to see or feeling the entities of a bed of crystals and its healing aspects. (Rocha, 2009) Hinduism is a philosophical belief that has origins based in India. When a person suffers from both mental and physical illness this is because of the unraveling of karma and is from the consequence of inappropriate action from the past which either occurred in one’s current life or in a past life (Chaudry et al, 2010). Suffering can also be positive if it leads to a progressive spiritual path. Also in Hinduism, it is believed that everything around is a part of the whole and interplays with each other. Because of this belief healing aspects of Hinduism include distant healing which includes the healing powers of medicine men and healing shamans. (Katra and Targ, 2001) These three religions:...
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