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Today’s media landscape advertisers find it ever more challenging to break through the clutter of competing ads in order to shape consumers attitudes and intentions and move them to purchase. An alternative strategy to greater advertising spending may be more creative advertising, which has been proposed to promote advertising effectiveness. However, researchers have neither agreed on a model of advertising creativity nor conclusively linked

Zoozoo ad campaign to key measures of effectiveness. Based on a sample of twenty real life campaigns from Vodafone’s ZooZoo Campaigns, and a panel of consumer responses, this thesis provides strong support for a of ZooZoo characters based on novelty, meaningfulness, humor, positiveness, and well-craftiness. It concludes that these particular ads were more effective in promoting ad and brand attitudes, brand interest, purchase intentions, ad and brand WOM intentions, as well as perceived ad expenditure and effort.

Results hold even among consumers with a negative general attitude towards advertising. A test of the relative effect of Zoozoo ad campaign and media expenditure on sales value produces inconclusive results, however. Finally, the study shows that the ZooZoo campaigns were considered more creative among consumers and were more effective in their communication.

Executive Summary
In today’s world of competition, firms are selling goods and services through a variety of direct and indirect channels. Mass advertising is not nearly as effective as it was, so marketers are exploring new forms of communication, such as experimental, entertainment, and viral marketing. One such innovative idea is Vodafone’s Zoozoo campaign. Never in the history of Indian advertising we witnessed a campaign that generated so much interest and curiosity among all the segments of the society be it young or old.

In this report, we analyze the marketing strategies used by Vodafone, the efforts that have been put in the making of Zoozoo, and the impact it had on the customers mind. We also discuss what exactly were the objectives behind this idea of marketing. Zoozoo actually was a well directed social media campaign. We need to have a look at the statistics which prove this fact. The Zoozoo character looks quite funny and easy going on screen. But it has been lots of efforts and expenses that have gone behind making of Zoozoo. The ideas used to make Zoozoo are quite interesting. One of the important concepts used to make Zoozoo a buzz is‘viral marketing.’ IPL2 was probably the best time to launch these ads. Almost all the Zoozoo ads promoted VAS services of Vodafone. The discussion of 4 P’s of marketing will help in analyzing the approach of Vodafone and kind of research they have done before launching its products. It will also give us an idea as to where Vodafone could have done better. We conducted a public survey to know people’s reaction to the Zoozoo ads, its effect on their approach towards VAS services, can Zoozoo really replace pug as an icon for Vodafone, etc. The data which we have gathered through this survey sheds light on success of Zoozoo in the minds of customers. In a nutshell, Zoozoo campaign is a revolution in the Indian market and we will have lot to learn from the strategies used by Vodafone. Area of research


Research objective
The research is on the Vodafone Zoozoo iconic campaign. The research would also show the effect of this campaign on the consumer behavior towards the brand.

The research would be based on the success of the Zoozoo campaign across all media.

Research Methodology
Qualitative Questionnaire

Justification of choosing the topic
The Zoozoo commercials were one of the most successful campaigns of all times. Over 41 million people viewed it across the country. 75% of this population viewed this campaign at least 5 times.

There is always a need to find a sustainable differentiation in a...
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