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Topics: Digital signal processing, Discrete Fourier transform, Fast Fourier transform Pages: 20 (5959 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Seminar Report
In partial fulfillment
For the award of the Degree of

Bachelor of Technology
Applied Electronics & Instrumentation
In Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Submitted To: Submitted By Mr. Raj Kumar Jain Krishan Gopal Bansal HOD Enrollment No:

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
CompuCom Institute of Information Technology & Management Rajasthan Technical University, Kota
April 2013


The seminar has been a unique experience for me instead of routine and momentary exercise. It has leap to new field of acquiring knowledge and learning. First of all I wish to express my sincere thanks to the Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. This introduces the scheme of providing seminar for technical student during for Technical student during the 4-year course of B.Tech. With the drastic development of technology & speedy industrializations of the country I consider myself to fortunate to have undergone seminar on zoom FFT Techniques in Blood Flow Analysis. I am very thankful to Mr. Manvendra Singh & Mr. Dilip Tiwari sir or other concerned Person for their guidance, constant encouragement; strong support & kind help of Understand many technical aspects in my training period. My heartily thanks to Mr. Raj Kumar Jain ,HOD (Electronics & Communication Department) and of CIITM, JAIPUR for all kind of help they have granted in absence of which the seminar would have not been possible.

Krishan Gopal Bansal
Enrollment No:


The seminar is an essential requirement for an engineering student. The student has to give the seminar for the pre described period as per the university norms. The purpose of seminar is to help the student to gain industrial experience. Moreover, as for the utility of seminar concerning, it can be said that student gets an opportunity during his training to imply the theoretical knowledge in the field work and to clear the difficulties in a better way.

In the year 2013, in my 8th semester, I give my seminar on ZOOM FFT Technique in Blood Flow Analysis under the guidance of Mr. Manvendra Singh.

Guided BySubmitted By

Mr. Manvendra Singh Krishan Gopal Bansal
Enrollment No:

Submitted To

Mr. Raj Kumar Jain


I give my seminar on zoom FFT techniques in Blood Flow analysis. According to the rule of Rajasthan Technical University towards the fulfillment of four years degree course of B. Tech. The object of seminar in engineering field is to co-relate the theory with practical knowledge and to make student familiar with industrial environment. I have been fortunate to get seminar in such an industry which has been continuous by climbing the ladder of development utilizing the latest technology. Here I could get knowledge of various equipment which are tested & calibrated in their enterprise.

Page No.

Certificate i
Acknowledgement ii
Abstract iv
List of Figures vii
Chapter 1: Introduction1
1.1 Doppler Effect Phenomenon2
1.2 Real Blood Flow Analysis4
Chapter 2: Down Sampling6
2.1 Maintaining the Sampling Theorem Criterion6
2.2 Down Sampling Process7
2.3 Down Sampling by Rational Fraction7
Chapter 3: Blood Flow9
3.1 Cell –Tissue-Organ-System9
3.2 Blood and Its Composition9
3.3 The Mechanics of Blood Circulation...
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